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Counterfeit Trade: Kenya Passes Law as menace sweeps globally 2009

Counterfeit products have negative impacts on producers and governments. The government has passed a law on counterfeit products, to protect consumers from possible health risks and boosting the fight against imitated goods in the market. This brief outlines the impacts of counterfeits on manufacturers, the counterfeit network in East Africa, and an overlook of counterfeits in other countries.

Kenya Association of Manufacturers 05/01/2018
Impact of Electricity on Productivity 2009

How the high cost of electricity has negatively impacted businesses and how the government can help ease the situation. This brief includes how the energy crisis is a global problem, the impact of electricity on Kenya's products, the correlations between electricity and international oil prices, and finally the solutions to the high cost of electricity. 

Kenya Association of Manufacturers 07/01/2018
Proposed Amendments of the Mining and Minerals Bill 2009

This paper was prepared to give a clear insight about the major problems ailing the mineral industry in Kenya and the industry’s position on the then proposed new Mining and Minerals Bill 2009. It suggested remedies required to develop the industry into a modern technology based revenue earner for Kenya.

Kenya Chamber of Mines 05/01/2018
Position of Draft Decentralization plan 2009

This discusses how development problems can be sorted out in Nairobi through a Master plans, by zoning out areas and focusing on improving each zone. The plan also includes prompting cleanliness, security, etc.

Kenya Private Developers Association 12/01/2018
Statement on Errant Developers 2009

This document discusses media of small minority real estate developers side-stepping the law whilst developing.  The Kenya Private Developers Association highlights major issues regarding development and how it affects the environment and attempts to provide long-term solutions that will sustain the environment.

Kenya Private Developers' Association 09/01/2018
Institute of Certified Securities and Investment Analysts Bill, 2012

This act plannings to overlook and provided powers and functions for the Institute of Certified Securities and Investment Analysts. The institute has numerous functions that are outlined in the act, the various bodies within the institute and their duties and several meetings and schedules. This act provides the proceedings of the chairman, vice-chairman, members, of the council.

Arrangement of clauses

Part i – preliminary

Part ii – establishment of various bodies

Part iii – practicing certificates and registration of certified securities and investment analysts

Part iv– repeal and amendments

Part v – miscellaneous

Part vi – repeal and amendments

Institute of Certified Securities and Investment Analysts 05/01/2018
Priority Land Issues For The Private Sector 2009

The objectives of the draft land policy are to; establish community land rights, expansion of squatters rights, delution of market-price compensation and convert freeholds to leaseholds. The priorty issues are; Ardhi House, Incentivise for house development, Private sector involvement in Slum Elimination and The Ndungu report.

Kenya Private Developers Association 12/01/2018
Port: Choking due to growth 2009

The remarkable growth of the port has places strains on the port leading to congestion in the area. Although much has improved, the service still does not match up to growth. This brief focuses on the ports performances from the years 2003 to 2007, the past projects for the future, the governments act to ease congestion at the port, KPA acts to overstay containers and comparison with other ports worldwide.

Kenya Association of Manufacturers 09/01/2018
Kenya Private Developers Association: Position on Land Draft Policy 2008

Kenya Private Developers Association, believe that it is important to give comprehensive land policy and to set the stage for more secure land rights. It seeks to ensure members know their title deeds are certain and their projects and property protected.

Kenya Private Developers Association 13/01/2018
Lowering Transport Cost in Kenya 2009

Reforms to reduce transportation cost will, in turn, reduce the cost of doing business in the country.  This document aims to look at ways to improve performance several things such as customs, trade, port (sea and air) efficiency, among others. 

Kenya Shippers Council 12/01/2018
The Transport and Logistic Chain in Kenya 2009

Kenya shippers council is a private organization that attempts to provide a platform for effective shippers. This document takes an overlook at, the importance of transport to Kenya's competitiveness, improving the quality of transport and logistics infrastructure, Liberalization and clear regulatory frames works and quality effectively and reliability of service providers.

Kenya Shippers Council 10/01/2018
EU Commission Regulation (EC) No 1529/2007

This document by the journal of the European Union aims at providing administration of import quotas on rice originating from the ACP states which are from the Californian region and overseas countries. It provides a model tablet for an export license and gives the quotas and sub-period.

Official Journal of the European Union 10/01/2018
Country Disaster Management Bill 2013

This Bill provides relief for organizations during a disaster risk and reduction migration, in addition to recovery for emergencies and disasters and for connected purposes.

The Country Disaster Management Bill 09/01/2018
Fire and Rescue Service Bill 2013

Throughout the period of 6 months, eight units need finalization and monitoring development. The eight core areas are; Regulatory Reform Strategy, Business Regulation Bill, e-Registry, Regulatory Impact Assessment, Implementation of the Licencing reforms, Doing Business Reforms 2010, Private Sector Development Strategy and Sub National Doing Business Indicators. The bill looks to county assembly to provide fire and service rescue and establishing authority and its functions to powers. The county assembly also provides education, training, and pension schemes in addition to providing the supply of water for the firefighters and all connecting purposes the firefighters.

Fire and Rescue Service Bill 05/01/2018
Kenya Gazette Supplement, Senate Bill 2014

This bill is about the parliament providing and ensuring that there is a disaster management control by the county government, in case an part of the country is affected by a disaster. 

The County Government Disaster Management Bill 11/01/2018
Fisheries Act, 2012

This bill was developed in 2012 by parliament to help ensure that the fishery industry remains stable and sustainable, it provides development, management, exploitation, utilization, and conservation of fisheries. 

Arrangement of sections

Part i – preliminary

Part ii – administration

Part iii – registration of fishing vessels

Part iv – licensing provisions

Part v – offences and enforcement

Part vi – general provisions

Laws of Kenya 03/01/2018
Fisheries Management and Development, 2016

This bill has been developed in 2016 by parliament to help ensure that the fisheries industry remains stable and sustainable, it provides development, management, exploitation, utilization, and conservation of fisheries.

Kenya of Law 08/01/2018
Biosafety Labelling Regulations: Implication on Agriculture Production, Trade food Security and Development of Biotechnology

For Kenya to get labeling regulations will achieve sustainable trading environment, sections need to be reviewed. The current labeling regulations could possibly affect trade, food security, farm income among others, negatively. Kenya has made strides to introduce labeling through the publication of Biosafety Regulations. For the labeling environment in Kenya to change flexibility must occur. However, the current labeling regulations are likely to negatively impact trade, increase food prices among others, thus changing the labeling regulations is important in the trading environment.

African Biotechnology Stakeholder Forum 10/01/2018
Greening the Tea Industry in East Africa, 2012

Small hydropower projects have been created by the tea industry have proved to be reliable, cheap and clean electricity. This document attempts to look at power wheeling in factories. The MV power line is manageable in Kenya, Gura and Kipchoria SHP are examples of successful hydropower generation sites. This report includes data collection, field visits, analysis, results, conclusions from the studies and recommendations. 

Gura and Kipchoria Small Hydropower Projects 04/01/2018
African Economic Outlook 2017: Entrepreneurship and Industrialising

The African Economic Outlook (AEO) 2017 shows that the continent’s performance was uneven in 2016 in regard to economic, social and governance indicators, but prospects are favourable for 2017 and 2018. This year’s edition of the AEO looks closely at how African entrepreneurs can thus accelerate the continent’s industrialisation to change the course of development and discusses the policies necessary to foster more sustainable and inclusive growth.

AfDB, OECD, UNDP 10/01/2018