National veterinary policy - Kenya Veterinary Association (KVA)

In 2012, KVA had engaged all the stakeholders in the animal resources industry and the Ministry of Livestock Development (MoLD). It had also engaged the Committee of Experts, who drafted the Kenyan Constitution. The objective was to put in place relevant policies and laws to return the livestock sector to profitability. KVA has been successful in obtaining the enactment of the Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Para-professionals Act.

It sought reform of the regulation of veterinary medicines. KVA had succeeded in lobbying the Cabinet which has approved the draft Veterinary Medicines Bill. This Bill is currently being drafted by the AG's chambers into its final form for submission to Parliament.

During this process, KVA also successfully lobbied for the inclusion of a National Veterinary Policy, which classifies Veterinary Services as Health Services, into the new Constitution (the other two classifications are agricultural and human health). This provision in the 4th schedule of the Constitution requires that a National Veterinary Policy is developed. The Veterinary Policy would guide the animal resource industry in the following areas:

  • animal production
  • provision of animal health services
  • food safety of animal origin
  • local and international livestock markets
  • sanitary regulations in animal products
  • wildlife health
  • fisheries health
  • quality assurance of inputs and animal products
  • veterinary medicines policy
  • breeding and extension services

KVA's position

The National veterinary policy and the subsequent legislation to implement it is critical for the provision of veterinary services as intended under the new Constitution. KVA proposed to complete the entire regulatory framework development by engaging the relevant stakeholders, including the Ministry of Livestock Development, in formulating a National Veterinary Policy.


KVA was successful in lobbying for a National Veterinary Policy. It has since engaged in advocacy on Animal Resource Industry Law (Review and amalgamation) and Veterinary Medicines Directorate Regulations (Awareness Creation).