June 2020: Monthly Legislative and Policy Updates

Our Monthly Legislative and Policy Updates will inform you of Bills and Draft Regulations for which parliament, senate or other statutory agencies require comments from the public.


The Standing Committee on Tourism,Trade and Industrialization of the Senate invites members of the public to submit any representations that they may have on the County Licensing (Uniform Procedure) Bill (Senate Bills No. Bills No. 17 of 2019)

Emails can be sent to csenate@parliament.go.ke on or before June 15th at 4.00 pm

The Standing Committee on Tourism, Trade and Industrialization now invites members of the public to submit any representations that they may have on the SACCO Societies (Amendment) Bill (N.A Bills No. 1 of 2018) 






Other Statutory Bodies


As a result of the implementation of the Energy Act 2019, EPRA commissioned a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) of the Energy (Energy Management) Regulations, 2012 in June 2019. "The aim of the study was to among others quantify the energy savings together with associated CO2 abatement as a result of implementation of the Regulations."

Comments may be sent through email on renewableenergy@epra.go.ke using the feedback form available below or by memoranda marked “PUBLIC COMMENTS ON DRAFT ENERGY MANAGEMENT REGULATIONS” on or before Saturday, 20th June 2020.

Stakeholder Comments Sheet

Energy Management Regulatory Impact Assessment 2020

Draft Energy (Energy Management) Regulations, 2020


KRA has developed the draft VAT (Digital Marketplace Supply) Regulations 2020. The agency is soliciting feedback which can be sent to the Commissioner General, Kenya Revenue Authority, P.O Box 48240-00100, Nairobi or emailed to stakeholder.engagement@kra.go.ke on or before Monday, 15th June 2020.


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