The National Budget Process, 2020

The Budget Process in Kenya

The budget process in kenya is in the final quarter of the cycle where the National Treasury submits to Parliament it's budget for the coming year. To understand how the budget process work, read our handbook on Understanding Public Policy.

Below are the documents for the current budget cycle which will be updated as they are released or passed by parliament. In 2019, a stalemate between the various institutions charged with national finance differed on the Division of Revenue Bill. You can read more about it here


Finance Bill, 2020

Division of Revenue Bill, 2020

Tax Law Amendment Act, 2020

Budget Review and Outlook Paper, 2020

Debt Management Strategy Paper, 2020

County Allocation of Revenue Bill, 2020

Policy Documents

National Budget Policy Statement, 2020

Other Documents

Unpacking the Budget Policy Statement and Medium Term Debt Management Strategy, 2020

The Report of the Budget and Appropriations Committee on the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for the Financial Year 2020/2021

3rd Revenue Allocation Recommendation, 2020

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