Sustainable Development Goals Legislative Review - Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) (In collaboration with UN Global Compact)

In 2017, KAM partnered with the UN Global Compact Network Kenya and Office of the President’s Legislative & Intergovernmental Liaison Office (LILO) to initiate a process of reviewing Kenya’s SDGs readiness, to define roles, and to propose strategies of engagement for all stakeholders involved in the consultative process.

On its part, the Office of the President’s Legislative & Intergovernmental Liaison Office (LILO) is charged with the responsibility of ensuring coherence of the Executive’s legislative agenda with Parliament. In line with its mandate, LILO working closely with the SDG national focal point - the Ministry of Devolution and Planning is spearheading an inclusive government process towards the implementation and oversight of the SDGs in Kenya. The project was designed to undertake the following:

  • Review legislation, policies, strategies and plans to propose how sustainable development principles will be integrated into national development.
  • Review the National SDGs Roadmap within the context of ‘a green economy’, and assessing potential gaps and opportunities;
  • Evaluate SDGs Roadmap Plan and assess SDG readiness of all arms of Government.
  • Enhance stakeholder knowledge on the SDGs with emphasis on green growth/economy as the transformational aspect of Agenda 2030;
  • Develop and propose indicators for monitoring SDGs implementation
  • Document and share good practices, lessons and challenges in engagement with the SDGs.

An SDG’s Readiness report was prepared by KAM but not published. The next steps after the report publication would have been to convene a Sustainable Development Goals Readiness Summit (SDGs Readiness Summit) mainly targeting Parliament, with a focus on Green Growth and a Green Economy. The summit will be the first in Kenya to present the ‘SDGs readiness review report’ and initiate dialogue on public-private engagement on SDGs with a clear agenda of aligning progress with sustainable environmental practices.

KAM has received support from the Business Advocacy Fund to continue with this project, complete editing of the SDGs Readiness Report; prepare policy briefs and organise the SDGs Legislative Summit 2019 mainly targeted at the Legislature at both national and county levels.