County Dialogue Forums (7 counties) - Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM)

With devolution, county governments have become, arguably, the most significant contributor to an unpredictable environment for both intra-county and inter-county trade.

KAM has previously engaged with various government agencies to:

  • Develop County Business Agendas (CBA) through the Governors Round Table (GRT) project;
  • In collaboration with the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) and the Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC), developed the following County Revenue laws: Revenue Administration Bill; Rating Bill; Trade Licensing Bill; Finance Bill; Public Participation Bill and a County Tariff Policy for each of the 47 counties;
  • Achieve a total of 60 policy successes in six counties;
  • Contribute to the development of the county own-source revenue policy and Tax Process Regulation Bill.

KAM chapters have continued to engage with their respective coalition members and county governments. However, more support is required to restructure these coalitions. KAM wishes to engage seven county governments to support the implementation of County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) and lobby for the enactment of the revenue county laws.

In 2013, KAM with BAF support undertook a project to coordinate the Governors Round Table (GRT) project. These GRTs were led by five BMOs targeting 36 counties. The five were: Kenya National Farmers Federation (KENAFF), Kenya Coast Tourism Association (KCTA), KNCCI Trans Nzoia, Kenya Livestock Marketing Council (KLMC) and KAM.

Although these BMOs had received separate BAF grants, KAM coordinated the implementation of the project. This coordination helped to ensure that the GRTs were implemented in a professional manner and that different BMOs were able to learn and share experiences from each other. 

The GRT project established platforms for dialogue with county governors and governments. It led to the formation of County Business Coalitions (CBCs) which were able to organise 36 GRTs and publish 24 County Business Agendas (CBAs). The CBCs successfully influenced county governments on various issues achieving 81 policy successes. These key successes included: improved market infrastructure (Bungoma and Nakuru); automation of revenue collection (Kisumu and Nairobi); increased use of ICT (Nakuru); improved link roads from farm to market (Bungoma) and inclusion in various County Budget and Economic Forum Committees. 

KAM with BAF support seeks to reinvigorate seven county coalitions and have structured engagements with both the County Executives, including Governors and the County Assemblies. The seven counties that are targeted are Nairobi, Kiambu, Mombasa, Machakos, Nakuru, Kisumu and Uasin Gishu. 

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