DialogKenya is a portal designed to serve individuals interested in public policy issues that impact the business enabling environment through providing information, guidance and opinions.

The information section of the portal includes an issues tracker.  The objective of the tracker is that all registered users can provide information, research reports, evidence, argument and current status of any issue that is of interest to them.

The information section also includes a research and publication subsection that hosts policy documents, sessional papers, Acts of Parliament and County Assemblies, gazetted Bills, published Regulations, research reports, policy briefs, publications, news articles and other documents relevant to policy issues and the business enabling environment

The guidance section contains information on a range of topics to help Business Member Organisations (BMOs) and other organisations that engage in business advocacy learn and increase their awareness on specific skills and competencies relevant to their needs.

The opinion section provides a discussion forum and twitter feed in order to share opinions on issues that impact the business enabling environment. The opinion pieces are drawn either from the public or private sector and provide more insight and thought on policy issues.

DialogKenya also has a directory of BMOs, Government ministries, departments and agencies (MDA)and research institutions (RIs) relevant to the business advocacy process.